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The daughter of a ballerina, Lily has been practicing some form of yoga throughout her life. Formally trained with Kripalu, Anna Forrest, Dr. Timothy McCall, and Prana Power Yoga in Boston, she is a  500 hour certified ayurvedic yoga instructor. This deep level of training has instilled a special awareness for Lily to design yoga sessions for individuals suffering with specific ailments. Lily has experience working with osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, athletic injuries and those recovering from surgery and car accidents. A firm believer that there exists a form of yogic movement that can aid each and every body, Lily is committed to designing a sequence to bring you relief.


Lily loves cooking and being outdoors. She is a skier, swimmer, three time Olympic distance triathlete and a mother of two, as well as the chef/owner of Lily's Ladle, a local bone broth company. Find more information about the benefits of bone broth at

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